Squint Eye Treatment In Delhi

The condition known as squint or strabismus occurs when the eyes do not align properly. As soon as the infant is 6 months old, it can be fixed. Our Squint Specialists have successfully corrected squints in youngsters in numerous cases, according to our records. Dr Neha Midha offers advanced treatment services for Squint Surgery in Delhi.

Type Of Squint

1. Esotropia: In esotropia, one or both eyes turn inward towards the nose. It is the most common type of squint in infants and young children.

2. Exotropia: Exotropia is characterized by one or both eyes turning outward away from the nose. It is more commonly seen in older children and adults.

3. Hypertropia: Hypertropia refers to an upward deviation of one eye relative to the other. This type of squint causes one eye to be higher than the other.

4. Hypotropia: Hypotropia is the opposite of hypertropia and involves a downward deviation of one eye. One eye appears lower than the other.

Symptoms Of Squint

Squint, sometimes referred to as strabismus, is a condition brought on by an imbalance in the ocular muscles that control eye movement and cause misaligned eyes. Usually, one can diagnose themselves. At the Dr. Neha Midha Clinic, squint eye surgery is now relatively reasonable. To begin your Squint eye therapy right now, contact us.
The two eyes do not always stare in the same direction. One or both eyes may be off-balance in any direction, including inward, outward, upward, or downward.
Children may suffer from vision problems in one or both eyes.
Sometimes people also experience double vision.

Options For Treating Squinted Eyes

Squint cannot correct itself. In India, we provide squint repair using a holistic method. Our squint specialist develops a treatment plan after conducting a thorough evaluation. Usually, a step-by-step process is used, including:

ORTHOPTIC EXERCISES In cases of convergence insufficiency, orthoptic exercises may be suggested.

OCCLUSION THERAPY Children under 10 years old who squint due to amblyopia (lazy eye) may receive patching therapy (also known as occlusion therapy).

SPECTACLES By prescribing the appropriate eyewear, a refractive error that is causing the squint can be corrected. Prisms: Prisms may be suggested to patients who have a paralytic squint in order to reduce diplopia. If the deviation is extremely low, it is also given to patients following examination.

SURGICAL PROCEDURE Surgery can be used to realign misaligned eyes (the majority of adult squint eye therapy). Get in touch with us to arrange for highly skilled Squint Specialists in Delhi to treat your squint eyes.

Oculoplasty Surgery

The plastic surgery performed on the area around the eye is known as oculoplastic. The eyeball is a sensitive structure that is shielded from injury by the bone cup (socket) behind and the eyelids in front. The arteries, muscles, and nerves that run behind the eyeball communicate with the brain, move the eyeball, and feed the eye. All of these eyeball-surrounding structures are addressed by oculoplastic.

Oculoplastic surgeons first receive their training as ophthalmologists, during which time they gain in-depth knowledge of the eye. They begin to manage plastic surgery as they progress through higher education. As eye surgeons, they are equipped to handle even the most delicate of structures since they have the best understanding of the eye and its surroundings. Oculoplastic surgeons are the most qualified to perform plastic surgery on the area around the eyes due to their mix of expertise.

Why Choose An Oculoplastic Surgeon?

The maintenance of vision depends on the delicate and intricate architecture of the eyelids and surrounding area. Additionally, the eyes are the first feature someone observes on a person's face. Oculoplastic surgeons are particularly qualified to undertake intricate orbital, eyelid, and cosmetic surgery around the eye as well as to offer any necessary care for the eye itself because they have chosen to specialize in both ophthalmology and oculoplastic surgery. Here, they acquire specialized training in the diagnosis, surgical treatment, and aesthetic care of all eyelid and orbital conditions, injuries, tumors, and surgeries related to the eyes and the face. Oculoplastic surgeons solely work on the eyelids, orbit, and surrounding tissues. As a result, Dr. Neha, an oculoplastic surgeon, has unmatched training, knowledge, and experience to tackle any difficult complications relating to plastic surgery around the eye.